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Our Work

Creating a country where every community is a clean, green and beautiful place to live starts with people taking individual responsibility and collective action. We strive to promote a cleaner environment by reducing the amount of materials that are introduced into the landfills and road side ditches. We are members of Locals First Arizona and part of the Scale Up Program in which we work closely with the Mayor of Tucson in the commitment to addressing the climate and ecological crisis by declaring a Climate Emergency and pledging to become a carbon neutral city by 2030.


Recyco is very involved in our communities and provide volunteer hours for schools and community outreach on the importance of recycling and the city-wide clean up of Tucson and surrounding communities. We are proud to continue our work in our community and push progressive environmental protection measures for our city.

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Our members represent Ward 1 on the Commission on Climate, Energy, and Sustainability for the City of Tucson, in which they work directly with Mayor and Council on: (a) the most effective and efficient methods of meeting the climate/energy/sustainability goals outlined in the City's General Plan (b) methods for improving the City's climate and environmental impact and adaptability in its operations; and (c) achieving the incremental as well as transformative systemic outcomes necessary to respond to climate, energy, and broader sustainability challenges in our region.

We are proud to continue our work in our community and push progressive environmental protection measures for our city. 



We love to encourage recycling in our community, especially in our youth. We offer bonus rates for kids who come in to recycle, and we also provide recycling outreach. We offer in-school presentations and field trips to our facilities to connect learning in the classroom to the outside world. We offer many opportunities to show children a new perspective on their Tucson environment. We provide a safe guided tour of our facility, while we show them the process of recycling. Kids will not leave empty handed, taking home informative goody bags and a handful of knowledge.

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Recyco extends the reach of our initiatives and multiplies the impact of our actions through partnerships with an array of organizations.

Developing partnerships has been a common thread throughout our history and is an essential ingredient of our heritage. Recyco gratefully acknowledges the corporations, nonprofits, educational organizations, associations, government agencies and others whose financial support, sponsorships, employee engagement and in-kind contributions significantly advance our mission and make our work possible. 


Recyco is a proud investor in local businesses and its community. You too can help out local non-profits or organizations by donating your recycling goods to some beneficiaries we work with.

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