Locals Helping Locals

See what Recyco is doing for the Tucson community!

Community Involvement

We would like to congratulate our very own Vanessa Gallego on being appointed to represent Ward 1 on the Commission on Climate, Energy, and Sustainability for the City of Tucson. 

We are proud to continue our work in our community and push progressive environmental protection measures for our city. 

La Mesa Veteranos Tournament

Congratulations to La Mesa Veteranos for winning the championship in the Baseball Finals Tournament. Recyco is a proud sponsor of the champions and our pueblo La Mesa.

A special shout out to our employee Jesus E. Ruiz for earning the MVP award.


Tucson Elementary School Mural


Recyco continues its commitment in supporting the community. Our recent project in donating to Amelia Maldonado Elementry School's new mural. Amazing work they do at Maldonado with its amazing staff. 


Go Mountain Lions! 


Tucson Local Racing Team


Recyco will continue to help the community and its locals. Recyco sponsored the small local professional racing team, Koty McGullam Racing. 


Go Get 'Em!

Tucson's Annual Earth Day Festival

As proud sponsors of the Tucson Annual Earth Day Festival, we too love to educate the community on the importance of recycling and waste minimization. We provide an exhibit at Reid Park related to the environment including fun, educational, "hands-on" activities for children. We hand out gifts and prizes for kids and provide flyers/brochures with helpful information and resources for adults.

School Presentations


We believe in teaching our youth about recycling and the importance of keeping our environment clean. We love presenting in schools, providing fun and educational Earth Day goody bags and supporting recycling research in all levels of education.

Elementary School Field Trips

Field trips are our pride and joy, not only do we get to educate our future environmentalists, but we also get the opportunity to reach out to our community and the citizens of Tucson. 

Recyco loves to encourage teachers to have many field trips to connect learning in the classroom to the outside world. We offer many opportunities to show your students a new perspective on their Tucson environment. We provide a safe guided tour of our facility, while we show them the process of recycling. Kids will not leave empty handed, taking home informative goody bags and a handful of knowledge.