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Recyco accepts a variety of items for recycling. You can find a complete list of materials accepted and a description of our composting operations below. (Items are not limited to examples).

All materials will need to be separated into the categories listed in the table below before arriving. It is important for customers to keep the different materials separate to keep our fast pace and easy drive thru process. We can not separate your materials at our facility, so please be prepared.  When recyclables are mixed it will be bought at a lower grade or not at all.  

No Cash Value


The following items are not accepted at the time. 

  • Printers/ Fax Machines / Copiers

  • Any non -#1 Beverage Plastics

  • Computer Monitors / TVs

  • Cardboard / Paper


  • Glass

  • Catalytic Converters

  • Vehicles

  • Microwaves

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