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  • What is the diffrence between No.1 & No.2 priced material?
    No. 1 priced material should be clean in appearance, unalloyed and uncoated. The metal itself should be bare meaning no screws, bolts, solder, plastic or any other material attached to it. In contrast No.2 - No.3 priced material is anything that is considered "dirty." This consists of any oxidized or painted material, the thickness of the material, and material that's attached that is not of the same metal. Please refer to image below.
  • Does your facility separate material on site?
    All materials will need to be separated into the categories before arriving. It is important for clients to keep the different materials separate to keep our fast pace and easy drive thru process. We can not separate your materials at our facility, so please be prepared. When recyclables are mixed it will be bought at a lower grade or not at all. Please pay attention to the different separations in the "MATERIALS" section when using our facility.
  • Do you pick up material?
    At this moment we do not offer the pick up service.
  • Why aren't your prices posted online?
    Due to the volatility of the market, metal prices change frequently. We recommend giving us a call for pricing before coming in.
  • Do you accept electronics?
    Yes we take CERTAIN electronics, but we DO NOT pay for them. We only take: laptops towers servers cell phones, circuit boards and hard drives
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