Materials Accepted

All materials will need to be separated into the categories listed in the table below before arriving. It is important for clients to keep the different materials separate to keep our fast pace and easy process. We can not separate your materials at our facility, so please be prepared.  When recyclables are mixed it will be bought at a lower grade or not at all.  Please pay attention to the different separations when using our facility.  

Recyco accepts a variety of items for recycling. You can find a complete list of materials accepted and a description of our composting operations below. (Items are not limited to examples).

We do not take ALUMINUM FOIL or SOLDER 

Aluminum Cans
Used beverage cans are separate from any other type of aluminum including cat food cans.
Aluminum Scrap
Includes all scrap aluminum tubing, sheet, bike frames, cat food cans and radiators
Yellow Brass
Bullet Shells (Casings Only) Faucets etc.
Red Brass
Valves and bearings
(Back flows from Industrial Accounts ONLY)
Tubing, solids, sheets, pots/pans and more
B&S Copper
Bare / stripped copper wire can only be sold from Industrial Accounts. NOT FROM PUBLIC
Insulated Copper Wire
Electrical copper and aluminum wires. Industrial grades are only sold from Industrial Accounts
Auto Radiators
Automotive brass and aluminum radiators
Radiator Condensers
AC/ cooler aluminum and copper radiators

(Per AZ law, checks MUST be issued for radiators)
Sheet, bullets, wheel weights etc.
Electric Motors
AC motors, sealed units, pool pumps, starters, and alternators
Automotive Batteries
Lead acid batteries
#1 Plastic Bottles
#1 plastic beverage bottles only. Look for the recycle symbol with the number 1.
Anything that sticks to a magnet.
Stainless Steel
Pots/ pans, silverware, etc.
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West Location Only

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#1 Plastic Bottles

#1 plastic beverage bottles only. Look for the recycle symbol with the number 1.