Industrial Accounts

Own a business? Get benefits when you register your company with us.

What Is an Industrial Account?

A person or business entity whom receives benefits that the "regular public" customers do not. Registers "company" with Recyco, Inc. in order to sell scrap metal that the public is not authorized to sell. All information on file is confidential. 

Who Qualifies?

Any person who owns at least 10 percent of the business can register their business. A person or business entity that files or is required to file monthly returns for that person's or entity's transaction privilege tax licenses or a governmental entity.


Must provide the following:

  • Full personal identification information on the owners of the business (Business license number, EIN, or ROC number)

  • A copy of their driver licenses

  • The name and address of any wholly-owned subsidiary of the dealer.

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Download Registration  Form


Sell Material Prohibited From Public

Because of high volume of theft, the state of Arizona passed a law that it is against the law for the public to strip and/ or sell bare copper and aluminum wire. 


With an industrial account, we, as a recycler are authorized to purchase those materials from registered industrial accounts. 

Paid On Site

Scrap metal laws state, that purchases over $300 a check has to be issued and mailed to your address. Industrial accounts will still be issued a check, although we are authorized to hand it directly to you. 


Industrial Accounts also have the option of some material paid in cash and the rest in check.

Material Oversight

On the Industrial Account form, you will be able to list the names of people who are solely able to sell material under your company's account. 

We have highly qualified staff to monitor and inspect every person and material that comes in your company's name, therefore no one can illegally sell through your company.

All of Recyco, Inc's documents are confidential, although when and if your company experiences theft, we will work closely with you to take down metal theft. We will provide information of who brought in that material and what exactly was brought in. 

We have high quality servailence 24hrs a day and can provide visuals.

Limitless Transactions

Scrap metal laws state that one cash payment per day is allowed- a check is issued for other transactions.

One ticket per person, per visit.


Indusrtial Accounts are able to come in as many times as they want a day and receive cash for each transaction. (If below $300.00)

 A violation of these requirements could subject the dealer to a $500 or $1,000 penalty and suspension of business activity, depending on the circumstances of the infraction.